2013 Subaru XV Crosstrek Factory Repair Service Manual



Product Description

High definition bookmarked printable searchable PDF Instant Download

Covers: 2013 Subaru XV Crosstrek w/ 2.0L DOHC engine and 5MT or CVT transmission (U.S./Canada models)
Compatibility: Windows/Mac/Linux/Tablet

This PDF service manual contains all the necessary instructions needed for any repair your 2013 XV Crosstrek may require from bumper to bumper. This is the same manual Subaru technicians use to diagnose and repair your 2013 XV Crosstrek. Whether its routine maintenance such as tune-ups and brake service or more extensive repairs involving engine and transmission disassembly this manual provides the most reliable information to perform the job.

The following is a list of topics contained in the Factory/OEM Subaru Service Manual (each topic contained detailed sub-topics):

1. General Description
2. Schedule
3. Engine Oil
4. Engine Oil Filter
5. Spark Plug
6. V-belt
7. Fuel Line
8. Fuel Filter
9. Air Cleaner Element
10. Cooling System
11. Engine Coolant
12. Clutch System
13. Transmission Gear Oil
14. CVTF
15. Front Rear Differential Gear Oil
16. Brake Line
17. Brake Fluid
18. Disc Brake Pad and Disc
19. Parking Brake
20. Suspension
21. Wheel Bearing
22. Axle Boots Joints
23. Tire Inspection and Rotation
24. Steering System Power Steering
25. A/C Filter
G1140BEV7_35 (1. General Description)
G1140BEV7_36 (2. Throttle Body)
G1140BEV7_37 (3. Intake Manifold)
G1140BEV7_38 (4. Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor)
G1140BEV7_39 (5. Engine Oil Temperature Sensor)
G1140BEV7_40 (6. Crankshaft Position Sensor)
G1140BEV7_41 (7. Crankshaft Position Sensor Plate)
G1140BEV7_42 (8. Camshaft Position Sensor)
G1140BEV7_43 (9. Oil Control Solenoid)
G1140BEV7_44 (10. Knock Sensor)
G1140BEV7_45 (11. Throttle Position Sensor)
G1140BEV7_46 (12. Mass Air Flow and Intake Air Temperature Sensor)
G1140BEV7_47 (13. Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor)
G1140BEV7_48 (14. EGR Control Valve)
G1140BEV7_49 (15. Fuel Injector)
G1140BEV7_50 (16. Tumble Generator Valve Assembly)
G1140BEV7_51 (17. Tumble Generator Valve Actuator)
G1140BEV7_52 (18. Front Oxygen A F Sensor)
G1140BEV7_53 – 19. Rear Oxygen Sensor
G1140BEV7_54 – 20. Engine Control Module ECM
G1140BEV7_55 – 21. Main Relay
G1140BEV7_56 – 22. Fuel Pump Relay
G1140BEV7_57 – 23. Electronic Throttle Control Relay
G1140BEV7_58 – 24. Fuel
G1140BEV7_59 – 25. Fuel Tank
G1140BEV7_60 – 26. Fuel Filler Pipe
G1140BEV7_61 – 27. Fuel Pump
G1140BEV7_62 – 28. Fuel Level Sensor
G1140BEV7_63 – 29. Fuel Sub Level Sensor
G1140BEV7_64 – 30. Fuel Filter
G1140BEV7_65 – 31. Fuel Delivery and Evaporation Lines
G1140BEV7_66 – 32. Fuel System Trouble in General
G1140BEV7_67 – 1. General Description
G1140BEV7_68 – 2. Front Catalytic Converter
G1140BEV7_69 – 3. Rear Catalytic Converter
G1140BEV7_70 – 4. Canister
G1140BEV7_71 – 5. Purge Control Solenoid Valve
G1140BEV7_72 – 6. EGR Control Valve
G1140BEV7_73 – 7. EGR Pipe
G1140BEV7_74 – 8. Fuel Level Sensor
G1140BEV7_75 – 9. Fuel Sub Level Sensor
G1140BEV7_76 – 10. Drain Filter
G1140BEV7_77 – 11. Leak Check Valve Assembly
G1140BEV7_78 – 12. Drain Separator
G1140BEV7_79 – 13. PCV Hose
G1140BEV7_80 – 14. PCV Valve
G1140BEV7_81 – 1. General Description
G1140BEV7_82 – 2. Air Cleaner Element
G1140BEV7_83 – 3. Air Cleaner Case
G1140BEV7_84 – 4. Air Intake Boot
G1140BEV7_85 – 5. Air Intake Duct
G1140BEV7_86 – 1. General Description
G1140BEV7_87 – 2. Compression
G1140BEV7_88 – 3. Idle Speed
G1140BEV7_89 – 4. Ignition Timing
G1140BEV7_90 – 5. Intake Manifold Vacuum
G1140BEV7_91 – 6. Engine Oil Pressure
G1140BEV7_92 – 7. Fuel Pressure
G1140BEV7_93 – 8. Cam Clearance
G1140BEV7_94 – 9. Engine Assembly
G1140BEV7_95 – 10. Engine Mounting
G1140BEV7_96 – 11. Preparation for Overhaul
G1140BEV7_97 – 12. V-belt
G1140BEV7_98 – 13. Crank Pulley
G1140BEV7_99 – 14. Chain Cover
G1140BEV7_100 – 15. Timing Chain Assembly
G1140BEV7_101 – 16. Cam Sprocket
G1140BEV7_102 – 17. Crank Sprocket
G1140BEV7_103 – 18. Rocker Cover
G1140BEV7_104 – 19. Camshaft
G1140BEV7_105 20. Cam Carrier
G1140BEV7_106 21. Cylinder Head
G1140BEV7_107 22. Cylinder Block
G1140BEV7_108 23. Intake and Exhaust Valve
G1140BEV7_109 24. Piston
G1140BEV7_110 25. Connecting Rod
G1140BEV7_111 26. Crankshaft
G1140BEV7_112 27. Engine Trouble in General
G1140BEV7_113 28. Engine Noise
G1140BEV7_114 1. General Description
G1140BEV7_115 2. Front Exhaust Pipe
G1140BEV7_116 3. Center Exhaust Pipe
G1140BEV7_117 4. Rear Exhaust Pipe
G1140BEV7_118 5. Muffler
G1140BEV7_119 1. General Description
G1140BEV7_120 2. Radiator Fan System
G1140BEV7_121 3. Engine Coolant
G1140BEV7_122 4. Water Pump
G1140BEV7_123 5. Thermostat
G1140BEV7_124 6. Radiator
G1140BEV7_125 7. Radiator Cap
G1140BEV7_126 8. Radiator Main Fan and Fan Motor
G1140BEV7_127 9. Radiator Sub Fan and Fan Motor
G1140BEV7_128 10. Reservoir Tank
G1140BEV7_129 11. Engine Cooling System Trouble in General
G1140BEV7_130 1. General Description
G1140BEV7_131 2. Oil Pressure System
G1140BEV7_132 3. Engine Oil
G1140BEV7_133 4. Oil Pump
G1140BEV7_134 5. Oil Pan and Strainer
G1140BEV7_135 6. Oil Pressure Switch
G1140BEV7_136 7. Engine Oil Filter
G1140BEV7_137 8. Oil Level Switch
G1140BEV7_138 9. Engine Lubrication System Trouble in General
G1140BEV7_139 1. General Description
G1140BEV7_140 2. Accelerator Pedal
G1140BEV7_141 1. General Description
G1140BEV7_142 2. Spark Plug
G1140BEV7_143 3. Ignition Coil
G1140BEV7_144 1. General Description
G1140BEV7_145 2. Starter
G1140BEV7_146 3. Generator
G1140BEV7_147 4. Battery
G1140BEV7_148 5. Battery Current Temperature Sensor
G1140BEV7_149 1. Basic Diagnostic Procedure
G1140BEV7_150 2. Check List for Interview
G1140BEV7_151 3. General Description
G1140BEV7_152 4. Electrical Component Location
G1140BEV7_153 5. Engine Control Module ECM I O Signal
G1140BEV7_154 6. Engine Condition Data
G1140BEV7_155 7. Data Link Connector
G1140BEV7_156 8. General Scan Tool
G1140BEV7_157 9. Subaru Select Monitor
G1140BEV7_158 10. Read Diagnostic Trouble Code DTC
G1140BEV7_159 11. Inspection Mode
G1140BEV7_160 12. Drive Cycle
G1140BEV7_161 13. Clear Memory Mode
G1140BEV7_162 14. System Operation Check Mode
G1140BEV7_163 15. Malfunction Indicator Light
G1140BEV7_164 16. Diagnostics for Engine Starting Failure
G1140BEV7_165 17. Diagnostic Procedure for Subaru Select Monitor Communication
G1140BEV7_166 18. List of Diagnostic Trouble Code DTC
G1140BEV7_167 19. Diagnostic Procedure with Diagnostic Trouble Code DTC
G1140BEV7_168 20. General Diagnostic Table
G1140BEV7_169 1. List of Diagnostic Trouble Code DTC
G1140BEV7_170 2. Diagnostic Trouble Code DTC Detecting Criteria
G1140BEV7_171 1. General Description
G1140BEV7_172 2. AT Shift Lock Control System
G1140BEV7_173 3. Select Lever
G1140BEV7_174 4. Select Cable
G1140BEV7_175 5. AT Shift Lock Solenoid and P Range Switch
G1140BEV7_176 6. Body Integrated Unit
G1140BEV7_177 7. MT Gear Shift Lever
G1140BEV7_178 8. General Diagnostic Table
G1140BEV7_179 1. General Description
G1140BEV7_180 2. CVTF
G1140BEV7_181 3. Differential Gear Oil
G1140BEV7_182 4. AWD ON OFF Switching Mode
G1140BEV7_183 5. Road Test
G1140BEV7_184 6. Stall Test
G1140BEV7_185 7. Time Lag Test
G1140BEV7_186 8. Secondary Pressure Line Pressure Test
G1140BEV7_187 9. Transfer Clutch Pressure Test
G1140BEV7_188 10. Automatic Transmission Assembly
G1140BEV7_189 11. Transmission Mounting System
G1140BEV7_190 12. Extension Case Oil Seal
G1140BEV7_191 13. Differential Side Retainer Oil Seal
G1140BEV7_192 14. Inhibitor Switch
G1140BEV7_193 15. Turbine Speed Sensor
G1140BEV7_194 16. Secondary Speed Sensor
G1140BEV7_195 17. Primary Speed Sensor
G1140BEV7_196 18. Secondary Pressure Sensor
G1140BEV7_197 19. Oil Pan and Strainer
G1140BEV7_198 20. Control Valve Body
G1140BEV7_199 21. Transmission Harness
G1140BEV7_200 22. Transmission Control Module TCM
G1140BEV7_201 23. CVTF Cooler With Warmer Function
G1140BEV7_202 24. Air Breather Hose
G1140BEV7_203 25. Drive Plate
G1140BEV7_204 26. Torque Converter Assembly
G1140BEV7_205 27. Preparation for Overhaul
G1140BEV7_206 28. Extension Case
G1140BEV7_207 29. Transfer Clutch
G1140BEV7_208 30. Transfer Driven Gear
G1140BEV7_209 31. Parking Pawl
G1140BEV7_210 32. Reduction Driven Gear
G1140BEV7_211 33. Transmission Control Device
G1140BEV7_212 34. Transmission Case
G1140BEV7_213 35. CVTF Filter
G1140BEV7_214 36. Reduction Drive Gear
G1140BEV7_215 37. Primary Pulley and Secondary Pulley
G1140BEV7_216 38. Variator Chain
G1140BEV7_217 39. Reverse Brake Assembly
G1140BEV7_218 40. Forward Clutch Assembly
G1140BEV7_219 41. Drive Pinion Shaft Assembly
G1140BEV7_220 42. Front Differential Assembly
G1140BEV7_221 43. Oil Pump Chain
G1140BEV7_222 44. Oil Pump
G1140BEV7_223 45. Converter Case
G1140BEV7_224 46. Diagnostics with Phenomenon
G1140BEV7_225 1. Basic Diagnostic Procedure
G1140BEV7_226 2. Check List for Interview
G1140BEV7_227 3. General Description
G1140BEV7_228 4. Electrical Component Location
G1140BEV7_229 5. Transmission Control Module TCM I O Signal
G1140BEV7_230 6. Subaru Select Monitor
G1140BEV7_231 7. Read Diagnostic Trouble Code DTC
G1140BEV7_232 8. Clear Memory Mode
G1140BEV7_233 9. Inspection Mode
G1140BEV7_234 10. Learning Control
G1140BEV7_235 11. AT OIL TEMP Warning Light Display
G1140BEV7_236 12. AWD Warning Light Display
G1140BEV7_237 13. Diagnostic Procedure for Subaru Select Monitor Communication
G1140BEV7_238 14. List of Diagnostic Trouble Code DTC
G1140BEV7_239 15. Diagnostic Procedure with Diagnostic Trouble Code DTC
G1140BEV7_240 16. Diagnostic Procedure without Diagnostic Trouble Code DTC
G1140BEV7_241 17. Diagnostics with Phenomenon
G1140BEV7_242 1. General Description
G1140BEV7_243 2. Transmission Gear Oil
G1140BEV7_244 3. Manual Transmission Assembly
G1140BEV7_245 4. Transmission Mounting System
G1140BEV7_246 5. Oil Seal
G1140BEV7_247 6. Differential Side Retainer Oil Seal
G1140BEV7_248 7. Switches and Harness
G1140BEV7_249 8. Preparation for Overhaul
G1140BEV7_250 9. Transfer Case and Extension Case Assembly
G1140BEV7_251 10. Transfer Drive Gear
G1140BEV7_252 11. Transfer Driven Gear
G1140BEV7_253 12. Center Differential
G1140BEV7_254 13. Reverse Check Sleeve
G1140BEV7_255 14. Transmission Case
G1140BEV7_256 15. Main Shaft Assembly for Single-Range
G1140BEV7_257 16. Drive Pinion Shaft Assembly
G1140BEV7_258 17. Front Differential Assembly
G1140BEV7_259 18. Reverse Idler Gear
G1140BEV7_260 19. Shifter Fork and Rod
G1140BEV7_261 20. General Diagnostic Table
G1140BEV7_262 1. General Description
G1140BEV7_263 2. Clutch Disc and Cover
G1140BEV7_264 3. Flywheel
G1140BEV7_265 4. Release Bearing and Lever
G1140BEV7_266 5. Operating Cylinder
G1140BEV7_267 6. Master Cylinder
G1140BEV7_268 7. Clutch Pipe and Hose
G1140BEV7_269 8. Clutch Fluid
G1140BEV7_270 9. Clutch Fluid Air Bleeding
G1140BEV7_271 10. Clutch Pedal
G1140BEV7_272 11. Clutch Switch
G1140BEV7_273 12. General Diagnostic Table
G1140BEV7_274 1. General Description
G1140BEV7_275 2. Wheel Alignment
G1140BEV7_276 3. Front Crossmember
G1140BEV7_277 4. Front Crossmember Support Plate
G1140BEV7_278 5. Front Stabilizer
G1140BEV7_279 6. Front Ball Joint
G1140BEV7_280 7. Front Arm
G1140BEV7_281 8. Front Strut
G1140BEV7_282 9. General Diagnostic Table
G1140BEV7_283 1. General Description
G1140BEV7_284 2. Wheel Alignment
G1140BEV7_285 3. Rear Sub Frame
G1140BEV7_286 4. Rear Stabilizer
G1140BEV7_287 5. Rear Trailing Link
G1140BEV7_288 6. Upper Arm
G1140BEV7_289 7. Front Lateral Link
G1140BEV7_290 8. Rear Lateral Link
G1140BEV7_291 9. Rear Shock Absorber
G1140BEV7_292 10. General Diagnostic Table
G1140BEV7_293 1. General Description
G1140BEV7_294 2. Tire and Wheel
G1140BEV7_295 3. T-type Tire
G1140BEV7_296 4. Full Wheel Cap
G1140BEV7_297 5. Tire Pressure Monitoring System
G1140BEV7_298 6. General Diagnostic Table
G1140BEV7_299 1. Basic Diagnostic Procedure
G1140BEV7_300 2. General Description
G1140BEV7_301 3. Electrical Component Location
G1140BEV7_302 4. Control Module I O Signal
G1140BEV7_303 5. Subaru Select Monitor
G1140BEV7_304 6. Read Diagnostic Trouble Code DTC
G1140BEV7_305 7. Clear Memory Mode
G1140BEV7_306 8. Read Current Data
G1140BEV7_307 9. Register Transmitter ID
G1140BEV7_308 10. Display Transmitter ID
G1140BEV7_309 11. Inspection Mode
G1140BEV7_310 12. Tire Pressure Warning Light Trouble Indicator Light Illumination Pattern
G1140BEV7_311 13. List of Diagnostic Trouble Code DTC
G1140BEV7_312 14. Diagnostic Procedure with Diagnostic Trouble Code DTC
G1140BEV7_313 15. General Diagnostic Table
G1140BEV7_314 1. General Description
G1140BEV7_315 2. Differential Gear Oil
G1140BEV7_316 3. Front Differential Assembly
G1140BEV7_317 4. Rear Differential T-type
G1140BEV7_318 5. Rear Differential VA-type
G1140BEV7_319 6. Rear Differential Front Oil Seal
G1140BEV7_320 7. Rear Differential Side Oil Seal
G1140BEV7_321 8. Rear Differential Front Member
G1140BEV7_322 9. Rear Differential Mount Bushing
G1140BEV7_323 10. Rear Differential Inspection Mode
G1140BEV7_324 11. General Diagnostic Table
G1140BEV7_325 1. General Description
G1140BEV7_326 2. Transfer Case and Extension Case Assembly
G1140BEV7_327 3. Transfer Clutch
G1140BEV7_328 4. Extension Case
G1140BEV7_329 5. Oil Seal
G1140BEV7_330 6. Transfer Drive Gear
G1140BEV7_331 7. Transfer Driven Gear
G1140BEV7_332 8. Reduction Drive Gear
G1140BEV7_333 9. Reduction Driven Gear
G1140BEV7_334 10. Center Differential
G1140BEV7_335 11. Transfer Clutch Pressure Test
G1140BEV7_336 1. General Description
G1140BEV7_337 2. Propeller Shaft
G1140BEV7_338 3. Front Axle
G1140BEV7_339 4. Front Hub Unit Bearing
G1140BEV7_340 5. Rear Axle
G1140BEV7_341 6. Rear Hub Unit Bearing
G1140BEV7_342 7. Front Drive Shaft
G1140BEV7_343 8. Rear Drive Shaft
G1140BEV7_344 9. General Diagnostic Table
G1140BEV7_345 1. General Description
G1140BEV7_346 2. Relay and Fuse
G1140BEV7_347 3. Vehicle Dynamics Control System
G1140BEV7_348 4. VDC Control Module and Hydraulic Control Unit VDCCMH U
G1140BEV7_349 5. ABS Sequence Control
G1140BEV7_350 6. VDC Sequence Control
G1140BEV7_351 7. Yaw Rate and G Sensor
G1140BEV7_352 8. Steering Angle Sensor
G1140BEV7_353 9. Front ABS Wheel Speed Sensor
G1140BEV7_354 10. Rear ABS Wheel Speed Sensor
G1140BEV7_355 11. Front Magnetic Encoder
G1140BEV7_356 12. Rear Magnetic Encoder
G1140BEV7_357 13. VDC OFF Switch
G1140BEV7_358 1. Basic Diagnostic Procedure
G1140BEV7_359 2. Check List for Interview
G1140BEV7_360 3. General Description
G1140BEV7_361 4. Electrical Component Location
G1140BEV7_362 5. Control Module I O Signal
G1140BEV7_363 6. Subaru Select Monitor
G1140BEV7_364 7. Read Diagnostic Trouble Code DTC
G1140BEV7_365 8. Inspection Mode
G1140BEV7_366 9. Clear Memory Mode
G1140BEV7_367 10. Warning Light Illumination Pattern
G1140BEV7_368 11. List of Diagnostic Trouble Code DTC
G1140BEV7_369 12. Diagnostic Procedure with Diagnostic Trouble Code DTC
G1140BEV7_370 13. General Diagnostic Table
G1140BEV7_371 1. General Description
G1140BEV7_372 2. Front Brake Pad
G1140BEV7_373 3. Front Disc Rotor
G1140BEV7_374 4. Front Disc Brake Assembly
G1140BEV7_375 5. Rear Brake Pad
G1140BEV7_376 6. Rear Disc Rotor
G1140BEV7_377 7. Rear Disc Brake Assembly
G1140BEV7_378 8. Master Cylinder
G1140BEV7_379 9. Brake Booster
G1140BEV7_380 10. Brake Fluid
G1140BEV7_381 11. Air Bleeding
G1140BEV7_382 12. Brake Hose
G1140BEV7_383 13. Brake Pipe
G1140BEV7_384 14. Brake Pedal
G1140BEV7_385 15. Stop Light Switch
G1140BEV7_386 16. General Diagnostic Table
G1140BEV7_387 1. General Description
G1140BEV7_388 2. Parking Brake Lever
G1140BEV7_389 3. Parking Brake Cable
G1140BEV7_390 4. Parking Brake Assembly Rear Disc Brake
G1140BEV7_391 5. General Diagnostic Table
G1140BEV7_392 1. General Description
G1140BEV7_393 2. Power Steering System
G1140BEV7_394 3. Steering Wheel
G1140BEV7_395 4. Universal Joint
G1140BEV7_396 5. Steering Column
G1140BEV7_397 6. Electric Power Steering Gearbox
G1140BEV7_398 7. Power Steering Control Module
G1140BEV7_399 8. General Diagnostic Table
G1140BEV7_400 1. Basic Diagnostic Procedure
G1140BEV7_401 2. Check List for Interview
G1140BEV7_402 3. General Description
G1140BEV7_403 4. Electrical Component Location
G1140BEV7_404 5. Control Module I O Signal
G1140BEV7_405 6. Subaru Select Monitor
G1140BEV7_406 7. Read Diagnostic Trouble Code DTC
G1140BEV7_407 8. Inspection Mode
G1140BEV7_408 9. Clear Memory Mode
G1140BEV7_409 10. STEERING Warning Light
G1140BEV7_410 11. List of Diagnostic Trouble Code DTC
G1140BEV7_411 12. Diagnostic Procedure with Diagnostic Trouble Code DTC
G1140BEV7_412 1. General Description
G1140BEV7_413 2. Air Conditioning System
G1140BEV7_414 3. Refrigerant Pressure with Manifold Gauge Set
G1140BEV7_415 4. Refrigerant Recovery Procedure
G1140BEV7_416 5. Refrigerant Charging Procedure
G1140BEV7_417 6. Refrigerant Leak Check
G1140BEV7_418 7. Relay and Fuse
G1140BEV7_419 8. Compressor Oil
G1140BEV7_420 9. Blower Motor Unit Assembly
G1140BEV7_421 10. Blower Motor
G1140BEV7_422 11. Power Transistor Auto A C Model
G1140BEV7_423 12. Blower Resistor Manual A C Model
G1140BEV7_424 13. Heater Core
G1140BEV7_425 14. Control Panel
G1140BEV7_426 15. Compressor
G1140BEV7_427 16. Condenser
G1140BEV7_428 17. Heater and Cooling Unit
G1140BEV7_429 18. Evaporator
G1140BEV7_430 19. Expansion Valve
G1140BEV7_431 20. Hose and Pipe
G1140BEV7_432 21. Pressure Switch Triple Pressure Switch
G1140BEV7_433 22. Ambient Sensor
G1140BEV7_434 23. Sunload Sensor Auto A C Model
G1140BEV7_435 24. In-Vehicle Sensor Auto A C Model
G1140BEV7_436 25. Evaporator Sensor
G1140BEV7_437 26. FRESH RECIRC Door Actuator
G1140BEV7_438 27. Mode Door Actuator
G1140BEV7_439 28. Air Mix Door Actuator
G1140BEV7_440 29. Air Vent Grille
G1140BEV7_441 30. Heater Duct
G1140BEV7_442 31. Heater Vent Duct
G1140BEV7_443 32. A C Filter
G1140BEV7_444 33. Diagnostics with Phenomenon
G1140BEV7_445 1. Basic Diagnostic Procedure
G1140BEV7_446 2. General Description
G1140BEV7_447 3. Electrical Component Location
G1140BEV7_448 4. Auto A C Control Module I O Signal
G1140BEV7_449 5. Diagnostic Chart for Self-Diagnosis
G1140BEV7_450 6. Diagnostics with Phenomenon
G1140BEV7_451 7. Subaru Select Monitor
G1140BEV7_452 8. Read Diagnostic Trouble Code DTC
G1140BEV7_453 9. Clear Memory Mode
G1140BEV7_454 10. Read Current Data
G1140BEV7_455 11. Diagnostic Procedure for Subaru Select Monitor Communication
G1140BEV7_456 12. List of Diagnostic Trouble Code DTC
G1140BEV7_457 13. Diagnostic Procedure with Diagnostic Trouble Code DTC
G1140BEV7_458 1. General Description
G1140BEV7_459 2. Airbag Connector
G1140BEV7_460 3. Inspection Locations after a Collision
G1140BEV7_461 4. Drivers Airbag Module
G1140BEV7_462 5. Knee Airbag Module
G1140BEV7_463 6. Passengers Airbag Module
G1140BEV7_464 7. Side Airbag Module
G1140BEV7_465 8. Curtain Airbag Module
G1140BEV7_466 9. Airbag Control Module
G1140BEV7_467 10. Front Sub Sensor
G1140BEV7_468 11. Front Door Impact Sensor
G1140BEV7_469 12. Side Airbag Sensor
G1140BEV7_470 13. Curtain Airbag Sensor
G1140BEV7_471 14. Satellite Safing Sensor
G1140BEV7_472 15. Roll Connector
G1140BEV7_473 1. Basic Diagnostic Procedure
G1140BEV7_474 2. Check List for Interview
G1140BEV7_475 3. General Description
G1140BEV7_476 4. Electrical Component Location
G1140BEV7_477 5. Airbag Connector
G1140BEV7_478 6. Airbag Control Module I O Signal
G1140BEV7_479 7. Subaru Select Monitor
G1140BEV7_480 8. Read Diagnostic Trouble Code DTC
G1140BEV7_481 9. Inspection Mode
G1140BEV7_482 10. Clear Memory Mode
G1140BEV7_483 11. Display of Status Information
G1140BEV7_484 12. Event Record Data
G1140BEV7_485 13. Airbag Warning Light Illumination Pattern
G1140BEV7_486 14. Airbag Warning Light Failure
G1140BEV7_487 15. List of Diagnostic Trouble Code DTC
G1140BEV7_488 16. Diagnostic Chart with Trouble Code
G1140BEV7_489 1. Basic Diagnostic Procedure
G1140BEV7_490 2. Check List for Interview
G1140BEV7_491 3. General Description
G1140BEV7_492 4. Electrical Component Location
G1140BEV7_493 5. Airbag Connector
G1140BEV7_494 6. Control Module I O Signal
G1140BEV7_495 7. Subaru Select Monitor
G1140BEV7_496 8. Read Diagnostic Trouble Code DTC
G1140BEV7_497 9. Inspection Mode
G1140BEV7_498 10. Clear Memory Mode
G1140BEV7_499 11. Display of Status Information
G1140BEV7_500 12. Airbag Warning Light Illumination Pattern
G1140BEV7_501 13. Passengers Airbag ON OFF Indicator Light Illumination Pattern
G1140BEV7_502 14. List of Diagnostic Trouble Code DTC
G1140BEV7_503 15. Diagnostic Procedure with Diagnostic Trouble Code DTC
G1140BEV7_504 1. General Description
G1140BEV7_505 2. Pretensioner Connector
G1140BEV7_506 3. Inspection Locations after a Collision
G1140BEV7_507 4. Seat Belt Warning System
G1140BEV7_508 5. Front Seat Belt
G1140BEV7_509 6. Rear Seat Belt
G1140BEV7_510 1. General Description
G1140BEV7_511 2. Relay and Fuse
G1140BEV7_512 3. Headlight System
G1140BEV7_513 4. Day Time Running Light System
G1140BEV7_514 5. Clearance Light and Illumination Light System
G1140BEV7_515 6. Front Fog Light System
G1140BEV7_516 7. Turn Signal Light and Hazard Light System
G1140BEV7_517 8. Back-up Light System
G1140BEV7_518 9. Stop Light System
G1140BEV7_519 10. Interior Light System
G1140BEV7_520 11. Auto Headlight Beam Leveler System
G1140BEV7_521 12. Combination Switch Light
G1140BEV7_522 13. Light Control Sensor
G1140BEV7_523 14. Headlight Assembly
G1140BEV7_524 15. Headlight Bulb
G1140BEV7_525 16. Hazard Switch
G1140BEV7_526 17. Turn Signal Light Hazard Light Module
G1140BEV7_527 18. Front Turn Signal Light Bulb
G1140BEV7_528 19. Clearance Parking Light Bulb
G1140BEV7_529 20. Front Side Marker Light Bulb
G1140BEV7_530 21. Front Fog Light Assembly
G1140BEV7_531 22. Front Fog Light Bulb
G1140BEV7_532 23. Side Turn Signal Light Assembly
G1140BEV7_533 24. Rear Combination Light Assembly
G1140BEV7_534 25. Tail Stop Light Bulb
G1140BEV7_535 26. Rear Turn Signal Light Bulb
G1140BEV7_536 27. Rear Side Marker Light Bulb
G1140BEV7_537 28. Back-up Light Bulb
G1140BEV7_538 29. License Plate Light
G1140BEV7_539 30. High-mounted Stop Light
G1140BEV7_540 31. Spot Map Light
G1140BEV7_541 32. Room Light
G1140BEV7_542 33. Luggage Room Light
G1140BEV7_543 34. Trunk Room Light
G1140BEV7_544 35. Glove Box Light
G1140BEV7_545 36. Ignition Switch Illumination
G1140BEV7_546 37. Auto Headlight Beam Leveler Control Module
G1140BEV7_547 38. Rear Height Sensor
G1140BEV7_548 39. Day Time Running Resistor
G1140BEV7_549 40. Reflex Reflector
G1140BEV7_550 41. Door Switch
G1140BEV7_551 1. Basic Diagnostic Procedure
G1140BEV7_552 2. Check List for Interview
G1140BEV7_553 3. General Description
G1140BEV7_554 4. Electrical Component Location
G1140BEV7_555 5. Control Module I O Signal
G1140BEV7_556 6. Subaru Select Monitor
G1140BEV7_557 7. Read Diagnostic Trouble Code DTC
G1140BEV7_558 8. Clear Memory Mode
G1140BEV7_559 9. Read Current Data
G1140BEV7_560 10. List of Diagnostic Trouble Code DTC
G1140BEV7_561 11. Diagnostic Procedure with Diagnostic Trouble Code DTC
G1140BEV7_562 12. Diagnostics with Phenomenon
G1140BEV7_563 1. General Description
G1140BEV7_564 2. Relay and Fuse
G1140BEV7_565 3. Wiper and Washer System
G1140BEV7_566 4. Combination Switch Wiper
G1140BEV7_567 5. Wiper Blade
G1140BEV7_568 6. Washer Tank and Motor
G1140BEV7_569 7. Front Wiper Arm
G1140BEV7_570 8. Front Wiper Motor and Link
G1140BEV7_571 9. Front Washer Nozzle
G1140BEV7_572 10. Rear Wiper Arm
G1140BEV7_573 11. Rear Wiper Motor
G1140BEV7_574 12. Rear Washer
G1140BEV7_575 1. General Description
G1140BEV7_576 2. Audio System
G1140BEV7_577 3. Navigation System
G1140BEV7_578 4. Audio
G1140BEV7_579 5. Front Speaker
G1140BEV7_580 6. Rear Speaker
G1140BEV7_581 7. Antenna
G1140BEV7_582 8. Steering Satellite Switch
G1140BEV7_583 9. Navigation Body
G1140BEV7_584 10. GPS Antenna
G1140BEV7_585 11. Rearview Camera System
G1140BEV7_586 12. Front Accessory Power Supply Socket
G1140BEV7_587 13. Rear Accessory Power Supply Socket
G1140BEV7_588 14. AUX Input Terminal
G1140BEV7_589 1. General Description
G1140BEV7_590 2. Relay and Fuse
G1140BEV7_591 3. Horn System
G1140BEV7_592 4. Horn
G1140BEV7_593 5. Horn Switch
G1140BEV7_594 1. General Description
G1140BEV7_595 2. Relay and Fuse
G1140BEV7_596 3. Power Window System
G1140BEV7_597 4. Power Window Control Switch
G1140BEV7_598 5. Front Door Glass
G1140BEV7_599 6. Front Regulator and Motor Assembly
G1140BEV7_600 7. Remote Control Mirror System
G1140BEV7_601 8. Scalp Cap
G1140BEV7_602 9. Outer Mirror Assembly
G1140BEV7_603 10. Outer Mirror
G1140BEV7_604 11. Remote Control Mirror Switch
G1140BEV7_605 12. Rearview Mirror
G1140BEV7_606 13. Rear Door Glass
G1140BEV7_607 14. Rear Regulator and Motor Assembly
G1140BEV7_608 15. Windshield Glass
G1140BEV7_609 16. Rear Window Glass
G1140BEV7_610 17. Rear Gate Glass
G1140BEV7_611 18. Rear Window Defogger System
G1140BEV7_612 19. Rear Quarter Glass
G1140BEV7_613 20. Wiper Deicer System
G1140BEV7_614 1. General Description
G1140BEV7_615 1. General Description
G1140BEV7_616 2. Relay and Fuse
G1140BEV7_617 3. Combination Meter System
G1140BEV7_618 4. Multi-function Display MFD System
G1140BEV7_619 5. Combination Meter
G1140BEV7_620 6. Speedometer
G1140BEV7_621 7. Tachometer
G1140BEV7_622 8. Fuel Gauge
G1140BEV7_623 9. ECO Gauge
G1140BEV7_624 10. Multi-function Display MFD
G1140BEV7_625 11. Steering Switch
G1140BEV7_626 1. Basic Diagnostic Procedure
G1140BEV7_627 2. Check List for Interview
G1140BEV7_628 3. General Description
G1140BEV7_629 4. Electrical Component Location
G1140BEV7_630 5. Control Module I O Signal
G1140BEV7_631 6. Subaru Select Monitor
G1140BEV7_632 7. Read Diagnostic Trouble Code DTC
G1140BEV7_633 8. Clear Memory Mode
G1140BEV7_634 9. Read Current Data
G1140BEV7_635 10. System Operation Check Mode
G1140BEV7_636 11. User Customizing
G1140BEV7_637 12. List of Diagnostic Trouble Code DTC
G1140BEV7_638 13. Diagnostic Procedure with Diagnostic Trouble Code DTC
G1140BEV7_639 1. General Description
G1140BEV7_640 2. Front Seat
G1140BEV7_641 3. Rear Seat
G1140BEV7_642 4. Seat Heater System
G1140BEV7_643 1. General Description
G1140BEV7_644 2. Relay and Fuse
G1140BEV7_645 3. Door Lock Control System
G1140BEV7_646 4. Keyless Entry System
G1140BEV7_647 5. Security System
G1140BEV7_648 6. Front Inner Remote
G1140BEV7_649 7. Front Outer Handle
G1140BEV7_650 8. Front Door Latch and Door Lock Actuator Assembly
G1140BEV7_651 9. Rear Inner Remote
G1140BEV7_652 10. Rear Outer Handle
G1140BEV7_653 11. Rear Door Latch and Door Lock Actuator Assembly
G1140BEV7_654 12. Rear Gate Opener Button
G1140BEV7_655 13. Rear Gate Latch and Actuator Assembly
G1140BEV7_656 14. Trunk Lid Latch and Actuator Assembly
G1140BEV7_657 15. Front Hood Lock Assembly
G1140BEV7_658 16. Remote Openers
G1140BEV7_659 17. Ignition Key Lock
G1140BEV7_660 18. Key Lock Cylinders
G1140BEV7_661 19. Security Control Module
G1140BEV7_662 20. Impact Sensor
G1140BEV7_663 21. Keyless Entry Control Module
G1140BEV7_664 22. Keyless Buzzer
G1140BEV7_665 23. Body Integrated Unit
G1140BEV7_666 24. Keyless Transmitter
G1140BEV7_667 25. Immobilizer Control Module
G1140BEV7_668 26. Immobilizer Antenna
G1140BEV7_669 1. General Description
G1140BEV7_670 2. Relay and Fuse
G1140BEV7_671 3. Sunroof Control System
G1140BEV7_672 4. Glass Lid
G1140BEV7_673 5. Sunroof Assembly
G1140BEV7_674 6. Sunroof Motor
G1140BEV7_675 7. Sunroof Switch
G1140BEV7_676 8. Sunshade
G1140BEV7_677 1. General Description
G1140BEV7_678 2. Front Under Cover
G1140BEV7_679 3. Mud Guard
G1140BEV7_680 4. Floor Under Protector
G1140BEV7_681 5. Fuel Tank Protector
G1140BEV7_682 6. Front Grille
G1140BEV7_683 7. Front Bumper
G1140BEV7_684 8. Rear Bumper
G1140BEV7_685 9. Cowl Panel
G1140BEV7_686 10. Side Sill Spoiler
G1140BEV7_687 11. Roof Molding
G1140BEV7_688 12. Roof Rail
G1140BEV7_689 13. Door Trim
G1140BEV7_690 14. Instrument Panel Lower Cover
G1140BEV7_691 15. Glove Box
G1140BEV7_692 16. Center Console
G1140BEV7_693 17. Console Box
G1140BEV7_694 18. Instrument Panel Assembly
G1140BEV7_695 19. Lower Inner Trim
G1140BEV7_696 20. Upper Inner Trim
G1140BEV7_697 21. Rear Quarter Trim
G1140BEV7_698 22. Rear Shelf Trim
G1140BEV7_699 23. Trunk Room Trim
G1140BEV7_700 24. Sun Visor
G1140BEV7_701 25. Assist Grip
G1140BEV7_702 26. Roof Trim
G1140BEV7_703 27. Rear Gate Trim
G1140BEV7_704 28. Floor Mat
G1140BEV7_705 29. Trunk Lid Garnish
G1140BEV7_706 30. Rear Gate Garnish
G1140BEV7_707 31. Heat Shield Cover
G1140BEV7_708 32. Ornament
G1140BEV7_709 1. General Description
G1140BEV7_710 2. Front Hood
G1140BEV7_711 3. Front Fender
G1140BEV7_712 4. Front Door
G1140BEV7_713 5. Front Sealing Cover
G1140BEV7_714 6. Rear Door
G1140BEV7_715 7. Rear Sealing Cover
G1140BEV7_716 8. Door Sash Tape
G1140BEV7_717 9. Trunk Lid
G1140BEV7_718 10. Rear Gate
G1140BEV7_719 11. Protector Tape
G1140BEV7_720 1. General Description
G1140BEV7_721 2. Relay and Fuse
G1140BEV7_722 3. Cruise Control System
G1140BEV7_723 4. Cruise Control Module
G1140BEV7_724 5. Cruise Control Command Switch
G1140BEV7_725 6. Combination Meter
G1140BEV7_726 7. Stop Light Brake Switch
G1140BEV7_727 8. Clutch Switch
G1140BEV7_728 9. Inhibitor Switch
G1140BEV7_729 10. Transmission Control Module TCM
G1140BEV7_730 11. Neutral Position Switch
G1140BEV7_731 12. Diagnostics with Phenomenon
G1140BEV7_732 1. Basic Diagnostic Procedure
G1140BEV7_733 2. General Description
G1140BEV7_734 3. Electrical Component Location
G1140BEV7_735 4. Engine Control Module ECM I O Signal
G1140BEV7_736 5. Subaru Select Monitor
G1140BEV7_737 6. Read Cancel Code
G1140BEV7_738 7. Real-time Diagnosis
G1140BEV7_739 8. Diagnostics with Phenomenon
G1140BEV7_740 9. List of Cancel Code
G1140BEV7_741 10. Diagnostic Procedure with Cancel Code
G1140BEV7_742 1. Basic Diagnostic Procedure
G1140BEV7_743 2. General Description
G1140BEV7_744 3. Electrical Component Location
G1140BEV7_745 4. Immobilizer Control Module I O Signal
G1140BEV7_746 5. Subaru Select Monitor
G1140BEV7_747 6. Read Diagnostic Trouble Code DTC
G1140BEV7_748 7. Clear Memory Mode
G1140BEV7_749 8. Diagnostics Chart for Security Indicator Light
G1140BEV7_750 9. List of Diagnostic Trouble Code DTC
G1140BEV7_751 10. Diagnostic Procedure with Diagnostic Trouble Code DTC
G1140BEV7_752 1. Basic Diagnostic Procedure
G1140BEV7_753 2. Check List for Interview
G1140BEV7_754 3. General Description
G1140BEV7_755 4. Electrical Component Location
G1140BEV7_756 5. Control Module I O Signal
G1140BEV7_757 6. Subaru Select Monitor
G1140BEV7_758 7. Read Diagnostic Trouble Code DTC
G1140BEV7_759 8. Clear Memory Mode
G1140BEV7_760 9. CAN Communication Circuit Check
G1140BEV7_761 10. List of Diagnostic Trouble Code DTC
G1140BEV7_762 11. Diagnostic Procedure with Diagnostic Trouble Code DTC
G1140BEV7_763 12. General Diagnostic Table
G1140BEV7_764 1. Basic Diagnostic Procedure
G1140BEV7_765 2. Check List for Interview
G1140BEV7_766 3. General Description
G1140BEV7_767 4. Electrical Component Location
G1140BEV7_768 5. Control Module I O Signal
G1140BEV7_769 6. Read Diagnostic Trouble Code DTC
G1140BEV7_770 7. Clear Memory Mode
G1140BEV7_771 8. Read Current Data
G1140BEV7_772 9. User Customizing
G1140BEV7_773 10. Registration Body Integrated Unit
G1140BEV7_774 11. Function Check
G1140BEV7_775 12. List of Diagnostic Trouble Code DTC
G1140BEV7_776 13. Diagnostic Procedure with Diagnostic Trouble Code DTC
G1140BEV7_777 14. General Diagnostic Table
G1140BEV7_778 1. Basic Diagnostic Procedure
G1140BEV7_779 2. Working Precautions
G1140BEV7_780 3. Power Supply Circuit
G1140BEV7_781 4. Ground Circuit
G1140BEV7_782 5. Airbag System
G1140BEV7_783 6. Air Conditioning System
G1140BEV7_784 7. Audio System
G1140BEV7_785 8. Back-up Light System
G1140BEV7_786 9. CAN Communication System
G1140BEV7_787 10. Charging System
G1140BEV7_788 11. Clearance Light and Illumination Light System
G1140BEV7_789 12. Combination Meter System
G1140BEV7_790 13. Coolant Temperature System
G1140BEV7_791 14. Cruise Control System
G1140BEV7_792 15. CVT Control System
G1140BEV7_793 16. Electric Power Steering System
G1140BEV7_794 17. Engine Electrical System
G1140BEV7_795 18. Front Accessory Power Supply Socket System
G1140BEV7_796 19. Front Fog Light System
G1140BEV7_797 20. Front Wiper and Washer System
G1140BEV7_798 21. Fuel Gauge System
G1140BEV7_799 22. Headlight Beam Leveler System
G1140BEV7_800 23. Headlight System
G1140BEV7_801 24. Horn System
G1140BEV7_802 25. Immobilizer System
G1140BEV7_803 26. Interior Light System
G1140BEV7_804 27. Keyless Entry System
G1140BEV7_805 28. Multi-function Display MFD System
G1140BEV7_806 29. Navigation System
G1140BEV7_807 30. Occupant Detection System
G1140BEV7_808 31. Oil Pressure Warning Light System
G1140BEV7_809 32. Parking Brake Brake Fluid Level Warning Light System
G1140BEV7_810 33. Power Window System
G1140BEV7_811 34. Radiator Fan System
G1140BEV7_812 35. Rear Accessory Power Supply Socket System
G1140BEV7_813 36. Rear Defogger System
G1140BEV7_814 37. Rearview Camera System
G1140BEV7_815 38. Rearview Mirror System
G1140BEV7_816 39. Rear Wiper and Washer System
G1140BEV7_817 40. Remote Control Mirror System
G1140BEV7_818 41. Remote Engine Start System
G1140BEV7_819 42. Seat Belt Warning System
G1140BEV7_820 43. Seat Heater System
G1140BEV7_821 44. Security System
G1140BEV7_822 45. Shift Lock Control System
G1140BEV7_823 46. Speedometer System
G1140BEV7_824 47. Starter System
G1140BEV7_825 48. Stop Light System
G1140BEV7_826 49. Sunroof Control System
G1140BEV7_827 50. Tire Pressure Monitoring System
G1140BEV7_828 51. Turn Signal Light and Hazard Light System
G1140BEV7_829 52. Vehicle Dynamics Control System
G1140BEV7_830 53. Wiper Deicer System
G1140BEV7_831 54. Harness Components Location
G1140BEV7_832 55. Front Wiring Harness
G1140BEV7_833 56. Bulkhead Wiring Harness In Engine Compartment
G1140BEV7_834 57. Bulkhead Wiring Harness In Compartment
G1140BEV7_835 58. Engine Wiring Harness and Transmission Cord
G1140BEV7_836 59. Instrument Panel Wiring Harness
G1140BEV7_837 60. Rear Wiring Harness
G1140BEV7_838 61. Door Cord
G1140BEV7_839 62. Rear Wiring Harness and Trunk Lid Cord
G1140BEV7_840 63. Rear Wiring Harness and Rear Gate Cord

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