Download Issues

Where is my link?
Links are sent automatically- if you don’t see your link in your email inbox, please check your junk/spam and trash folders. If you still don’t see it after 15 minutes, please contact us.

Download link isn’t working, nothing happens after opening link:
Some of our manuals are large files that take some time to download, depending on your connection. Sometimes it appears as if nothing is happening, when your link is actually downloading in the background. Please check your active downloads and see if your file is downloading there and wait for it to finish.

Expired download link:
If your link has expired, please contact us and it will be re-enabled. When it is re-enabled, please save it directly to your device.

Zip Files – How To Open

Some manuals contain multiple files compressed into a zip archive. You need to “unzip” or “extract” the file into a folder before you can view the contents.  Follow the instructions below for your device:

Note: You must open the index of your manual AFTER you extract it to a folder.

Links in Manual Don’t Work

If you downloaded your manual in .zip format, you must open your manual index file from the folder that you extracted your manual to. Follow these steps:

  1. Open zip file
  2. Extract contents to a folder on your device
  3. Close your zip program
  4. Open the folder that you extracted your manual to
  5. Open the index file in this folder