2005-2008 Land Rover Discovery III LR3 Factory Repair Service Manual


Covers: 2005 2006 2007 2008 Land Rover Discovery 3 (LR3) with engine options:

  • 276DT – V6 2.7 Diesel
  • 406 PN – V6 4.0 Petrol
  • 448PN – AJV8 4.4 Petrol

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Clear printable and searchable PDF Instant download

Covers: 2005 2006 2007 2008 Land Rover Discovery 3 (LR3) with engine options:

  • 276DT – V6 2.7 Diesel
  • 406 PN – V6 4.0 Petrol
  • 448PN – AJV8 4.4 Petrol

Format: PDF files (zipped)
Compatibility: Windows/Mac/Linux
File size: 570mb

The following is a list of main topics contained in the Factory/OEM Land Rover Workshop Manual:

100-00 General info
100-00 Index
100-01 Identification codes
100-02 Jacking lifting
100-03 Maintenance schedules
204-00 Suspension general info
204-01 Front suspension
204-02 Rear suspension
204-04 Wheels & tires
204-05 Vehicle dynamic suspension
204-06 Ride & handling optimization
205-01 Driveshafts
205-02 Rear drive axledifferential
205-03 Front drive axle differential
205-04 Front drive halfshafts
205-05 Rear drive halfshafts
206-00 Brakes general info
206-03 Front brake disc
206-04 Rear brake disc
206-05 Parking brake and Actuation
206-06 Hydraulic Brake Actuation
206-07 Power Brake Actuation
206-09A Anti-Lock Control- Traction Control
206-09B Anti-Lock Control – Stability Assist
211-00 Steering System- General Info
211-02 Power Steering
211-03 Steering Linkage
211-04 Steering Column
211-05 Steering Column Switches
303-00 Engine System General Info
303-01A Engine- 4.0L
303-01B Engine- 4.4L
303-01C Engine- 2.7L Diesel
303-03A Enigne Cooling- 4.0L
303-03B Engine Cooling- 4.4L
303-03C Engine Cooling- 2.7L Diesel
303-04A Fuel Charging and Controls- 4.0L
303-04B Fuel Charging and Controls- 4.4
303-04C Fuel Charging and Controls- 2.7L
303-04D Fuel Charging and Controls-Turbo- 2.7
303-05A Accessory Drive- 4.0L
303-05B Accessory Drive- 4.4L
303-05C Accessroy Drive- 2.7L
303-06A Starting System- 4.0L
303-06B Starting System- 4.4L
303-06C Starting System- 2.7L Diesel
303-07A Engine Ignition- 4.0L
303-07B Engine Ignition- 4.4L
303-07C Glow Plug System
303-08A Engine Emission Control 4.0L
303-08B Engine Emission Control 4.4L
303-08C Engine Emission Control 2.7 Diesel
303-12A Intake Air Distrbution and Filtering -4.0L
303-12B Intake Air Distribution and Filtering- 4.4L
303-12C Intake Air Distribution and Filtering- 2.7 D
303-13A Evaporative Emissions- 4.0L
303-13B Evaporative Emissions- 4.4L
303-14A Electronic Engine Controls- 4.0L
303-14B Electronic Engine Controls- 4.4L
303-14C Electronic Engine Controls- 2.7L Diesel
307-01A Automatic Transmission Transaxle- 4.0L
307-01B Automatic Transmission Transaxle- 4.4L
307-01C Automatic Transmission Transaxle-2.7L Diesel
307-02A Transmission Transaxle Cooling- 4.0L
307-02B Transmission Transaxle Cooling- 4.4L
307-02C Transmission Transaxle Cooling- 2.7L Diesel
307-05A Auto Trans Transaxle External Controls- .0L
307-05B Auto Trans Transaxle External Controls- .4L
307-05C Auto Trans Transaxle External Con.7L Diesel
308-00 Manual Transmission Transaxle and Clutch
308-01 Clutch- 2.7 Diesel
308-02 Clutch Controls- 2.7L Diesel
308-03 Manual Transmission Transaxle- 2.7L Diesel
308-06 Manual Trans Transaxle External Control.7L Diesel
308-07A Four-Wheel Drive Systems
308-07B Transfer Case
309-00A Exhaust System 4.0L
309-00B Exhaust System 4.4L
310-00 Fuel System General Info
310-01A Fuel Tank and Lines- 4.0L
310-01B Fuel Tank and Lines- 4.4L
310-02A Acceleration COntrol 4.0L
310-02B Acceleration Control 4.4L
310-03A Speed Control
412-00 Climate Control System- General Info
412-01 Air Distribution and Filtering
412-02A Heating and Ventilation
412-02B Auxiliary Heating
412-03A Air Conditioning- 4.0L
412-03B Air Conditioning- 4.4L
412-03D Auxiliary Climate Control
412-04 Control Components
413-00 Instrument Cluster adn Panel Illumination
413-01 Instrument Cluster
413-06 Horn
413-07 Clock
413-08 Information and Message Center
413-09A Warning Devices
413-13 Parking Aid
414-00 Charging System
414-01 Battery Mounting and Cables
414-02A Generator and Regulator
414-02B Generator and Regulator 4.4L
415-01 Audio Unit
415-02 Antenna
415-03 Speakers
415-07 Video System
417-02 Interior Lighting
417-04 Daytime Runnging Lights
417-07 Exterior Lighting
418-00 Module Communications Network
418-02 Wiring Harness
419-01A Anti-Theft Active
419-01B Anti-Theft Passive
419-07 Navigation System
419-08 Cellular Phone
501-02 Front End Body Panel
501-03 Body Closures
501-05 Interior Trim and Ornamentation
501-08 Exterior Trim and Ornamentation
501-09 Rear View Mirrors
501-10 Seating
501-11 Glass Frames and Mechanisms
501-12 Instrument Panel and Console
501-14 Handles Locks Latches and Entry Systems
501-16 Wiper and Washers
501-17 Roof Opening Panel
501-19 Bumpers
501-20A Safety Belt System
501-20B Supplemental Restraint System
501-25A Body Repairs- General Info
501-25C Body Repairs- Corrosion Protection
501-25D Body Repairs- Water Leaks
501-26 Body Repairs- Vehicle Spec Info & Tolerance
501-27 Front End Sheet Metal Repairs
501-28 Roof Sheet Metal Repairs
501-29 Side Panel Sheet Metal Repairs
501-30 Rear End Sheet Metal Repairs
502-02 Full Frame and Body Mounting

Plus Wiring Schematics Connector Locations for 2005-2008 models & bonus training resources

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